A hailstorm in Mesquite a year or so ago took out our windows, blew through our roof, and damaged our fence. We had to get ceiling repair, wall repair, new carpet, windows, gutters, new roof and fence replacement and staining. It was crazy and the insurance adjusters were difficult to work with. Thank you TG Driver Contracting for helping us get through the full scope of work and represent us in the transaction.  I though the adjusters represented me because it was "our insurance company" but we found out they represent the insurance company.  We are glad to know Thomas and his crew.    John

Your work is truly amazing and your guys are so nice and professional. Thank you for going above and beyond.    Nancy


What Driver's Clients are saying.

Thank you Tamara for sending Thomas and his crew. The job turned out to be bigger and more difficult that we originally thought.  I cannot imagine working with anyone else.  Thomas explained everything and was very fair. They finished the job in a timely manner even though we added some items after the original estimate. Jill